Adventures with the Blue Tornado Vol. 2

So, my time in Myrtle has come to an end, and my trusty steed, The Blue Tornado, must return to the stable. We've had a great time avoiding near death experiences, lava, cold weather, meteorites, and the occasional drunk driver. Myrtle Beach Police, you guys seriously need to hand out a few more DUIs.

This experience as a bicycle commuter has made me realize how great commuting this way could be in the proper city & climate. But, for you thrill seekers out there, if you want to have some excitement in your commute, come to Myrtle :) I felt safer running in the middle of the golf course on a Saturday!

Thanks again to excellent guitar player, and owner of The Blue Tornado, Wayne, for helping aid in the transportation department for the last couple months! Time to ride off into the Southwest sunset back to Nashvegas!

Time for real fall!