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Life has changed. It has changed for the better. With all changes come challenges, and with all challenges come more chances for failure. It is how you deal with these changes that define you. My world completely changed in January of this year. I now have a son. Yes, I have two other children, and claim them as my own, but all you stepparents out there have to admit, having one of your own flesh and blood is different in some ways. 

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The Great Smoky Mountains

Spring is a beautiful time of year. With all my travels and various adventures, occasionally I miss a change in seasons somewhere. This year, spring was different for me. Instead of skipping from winter into late spring, like I have for the past several years, I actually got to enjoy the cusp of spring in the Smoky Mountains with my wife and kids.

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Seasons are beautiful! They are what help divide the months, the years, and give motion and a sense of time to our lives. This past year, my seasons brought me an end to living life alone, gave me a wonderful family, and taught me lessons in ways that only a new season can. In one year, I saw frozen Niagara Falls, military bases in the conflict torn Middle East, played music with great friends, saw places that few ever get to, and married the love of my life, Natalie. I am only now starting to realize all that has changed. This new season is a wonderful one! 

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The Great White North

We have all frozen here in Nashville the past couple days. . . and my traveling may be responsible. I started 2014 with a trip up to Buffalo and then to Niagara Falls to set up a show for Spirit Productions. When I got up there, the runway in Buffalo, NY was covered in snow, while our plane landed, and the high temp was 1 degree with a -35 wind chill for days.

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Fall is my favorite time of year, so grant me this indulgence. I don't really have a specific story to share this time, but this time of year, more than any other, means the most to me. It has nothing to do with any certain holiday, person, or event, just the simple essence of what fall is and can represent. 

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