The PT Cruiser

America has made some amazing, powerful, and inspiring cars throughout it's history. The PT Cruiser is neither of these. It's a cross between a minivan and a mid-sized sedan and an interior that isn't nearly as big as you would think.

Though, what it does have going for it, like most fringe items in America, is a willing and able following that are committed to it's success. I arrived at Starbucks this morning on the Blue Tornado, and was greeted with hundreds of PT Cruisers parked everywhere getting shined up for a competition. Now, the Tornado is a cruiser bike, of sorts, and definitely got some looks, but none anywhere close to being as lustful as the way the PT Populace was drooling over, I mean appreciating, each other's cars.

Some of these cars have had a large amount of money invested in them. Crate engines, custom wheels, suspension, custom interior, the list goes on. My favorite is probably the Halloween PT Cruiser. It is filled with ghouls, custom work, and lights. But my favorite feature was the 'suicide' doors, that the owner was sure to point out. Another standout cruiser was creepy in a different way. It was all shiny black with airbrushed Jesus murals all over it. It's nameplate said, 'The J Cruiser'.

Time to get some coffee and go play a jazz festival.