Shakira - El Dorado World Tour

Wow! What a year it has been! I got the opportunity to see more of the world this year. Some places I had been before, but there were many new locations as well. For those that don’t know, I was the Programming Engineer for Shakira’s world tour, hence my absence in Nashville. Throughout the course of things, many new friends were made and adventures had. From touchy airport security, to questionable runners, there are more stories than can fit in one post.

Here are a few quick stats:

  • 4 Continents

  • 19 Countries

  • 20,000+ Miles Flown

  • 2 Passports

  • 1,634 Photographs and Videos Created

  • 52 Shows

  • 826,000 Tickets Sold

Traveling the world is fun, but the hard work that goes into a tour is never seen from the audience perspective. My whole life, I have always enjoyed knowing how a show like El Dorado works. Ever since High School, working backstage for the shows that I wasn’t playing piano for, it has been fun to see the moving pieces that are invisible to the audience.

A show like this is so complex to put on, you don’t realize the extent of it, until you play a direct role. Some of the hardest working guys out there on the road are the SFX and video teams. A modern show like this is truly a marvel. StrictlyFX had a great team out on the road. On our final stadium show in South America, I decided to take a hike up on the roof, have a look at what they were doing up there all day, and take a memorable drone shot:


Strictly FX Crew on Leg 3

Strictly FX Crew on Leg 3

… I also blame Strictly FX for my panic attacks when I find raindrop glitter or confetti in my gear at home. That stuff will never go away. Though, the crowd loves it.

All departments did an exemplary job. The musicians were fantastic, and the tour managers and staff made our logistics and travel operate as smoothly as possible. I feel like I made many great friends, and had some experiences that I will not forget. I hope to see everyone out on the road again at some point. Between adventures in the puddles of South America, the colorful countries of Europe, and the arenas of the US and Canada, it was a full year. I’m glad to be home and get some time with my family!

- Hans

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from El Dorado 2018