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Polar Adventures - The Journey Tour

Over the last month, I have learned what true cold feels like. The South has annoying cold. The Northeast has wet, snowy cold. Canada has ‘why would anyone live here’ cold. They speak fondly of their summer season, then in the same breath lament, that though it is magnificent, it is only 2 months long. In the last month I’ve experienced stunning mountains, frozen prairies, and temperatures the same as the surface of Mars. The Journey isn’t over yet!

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The Great White North

We have all frozen here in Nashville the past couple days. . . and my traveling may be responsible. I started 2014 with a trip up to Buffalo and then to Niagara Falls to set up a show for Spirit Productions. When I got up there, the runway in Buffalo, NY was covered in snow, while our plane landed, and the high temp was 1 degree with a -35 wind chill for days.

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