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Life has changed. It has changed for the better. With all changes come challenges, and with all challenges come more chances for failure. It is how you deal with these changes that define you. My world completely changed in January of this year. I now have a son. Yes, I have two other children, and claim them as my own, but all you stepparents out there have to admit, having one of your own flesh and blood is different in some ways. 

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Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles

I have stayed in Art Deco hotels and seen periodicals and art from that time period, but this display of machines from that era really brought everything together for me. The art from the period references machines and industrial progress, but actually seeing the machines from those creators really knits the genre together. After all, it was the machines and industry that inspired the art.

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NYC These Days

I made a trip up to New York City a couple weeks ago for an audition. It was a crazy bit of travel, several airplanes, buses, a subway and a taxi, but I finally made it to my destination. This was a trip for work, but it worked out so that my down time happened in a couple big chunks. Fortunately, the weather was nice enough that I could walk around and explore this city that I work in several times a year, but have not been able to sightsee in since childhood. ​

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