Grande Dunes

Grande Dunes ClubhouseIt's not hard to know when you're somewhere you don't belong. For instance, this last Saturday I went golfing. That should have been my first clue. But, I went knowing full-well that it would be awkward but an adventure, nontheless. So, off we went to a complimentary 18 holes at Grande Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach. 

My friend, Reggie, got us in, through some connections, and only afterwards, did I discover the whole golf package, that we participated in, cost as much as the 3 month grocery budget for a college student. That would have been clue number two, but I remained blissfully ignorant the whole morning. 

Grande Dunes is a PGA level private course, where classy dress is expected. That shouldPro Golfer, Hans Nelson have been clue number three, but somehow, I made it onto the couse wearing my Vibram 5 fingers, a nice windbreaker, and khaki shorts. Teeing off was special, since I hadn't actually hit a golf ball or swung a club in about 5 years. First drive, straight down the fairway!! Holy crap, totally unexpected. Everything else after that wasn't exactly PGA level, but we had a blast!

Between getting hissed at by geese, watching sailing yachts sail through the water hazards, and the GPS touch screen on the golf cart, I was definitely out of sorts. If I had it all to do again, with fair warning, I'd definitely take some preliminary golf lessons, and probably call my friend Justin Caldwell to come along, as his golf skill could be appreciated by the course wardens more than mine :)

Chalk up one more random adventure in my life!