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2019 has been an eventful year so far. It started in a polar vortex, and has since been filled with traveling around Europe and the US. Through all of it, I have gained more friends, travel tips, and amusing anecdotes from tour. We have a few weeks left of this tour, but have so far visited the land of the Vikings, survived a turtle, a European heat wave, and more Easy Jet flights than a person should in one summer.

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That name cracks me up. ‘Spacebar’ is the tour industry term for the position of ‘Programming Engineer’. It is a massive oversimplification, while at the same time, if you do your job correctly, that is exactly all you do during the show. The dark side of the spacebar are the moments, always unexpected, where you keep the space ship from spinning out of control.  

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Stepping Into A Prism

Walking into the Sagrada Família is like being transported to another world. The exterior is an amazing mix of Gothic, Catalan, and modern lines, all woven in a way that can only be described by the name of the man that created it, Gaudi. Symbolism covers every surface of the Basilica. The vision that is slowly appearing, though incomplete, has been revealing itself for over 100 years. Visiting the Sagrada Família has been on my bucket list for years, and this past Sunday, that dream was realized.

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