Red Bull Flugtag USA - Miami

I have always wanted to attend one of these events. Fortunately, I was in Miami on Sept. 21 this year, and it was one of the 5 cities in this year's Red Bull Flugtag USA . Before attending the event, my inquisitive nature decided to research 1.) If it was a real German word and 2.) the actual definition of the word. Wikipedia provided this nice tidbit:

Red Bull Flugtag:
German: (n.) flight day, air show
Definition: is an event organized by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly home-made, size- and weight-limited, human-powered flying machines (max 10m/30 ft, 150 kg/330 lbs). The flying machines are usually launched off a pier about 30 feet (9.1 m) high into the sea (or suitably sized reservoir of water). Most competitors enter for the entertainment value, and the flying machines rarely fly at all. 

Upon attending the event, along with thousands of other people, the German definition did not disappoint. There were giant Red Bull trucks and cars on display, a wide variety of Red Bull and other drinks, and skateboards everywhere. It was a bit chaotic, but why would you want a calm environment when you're about to throw yourself off a 30 foot tall pier in a machination of your own design? You would not. The atmosphere was ideal for the slow-motion HD glorification of man's daring. For the sake of the uninitiated, here is a link to the longest flight of today's event: 

More impressive than that controlled descent, was the variety of design among the teams. Some winged machines were obviously designed to assault the new record (258 ft.), which was set today in another city. But others were glorious showpieces accompanied with frivolity, dance routines, and several remixes of *sigh* 'Blurred Lines'. Here are some of my favorites:

All in all, it was a day well spent with sunny weather, longboard, train ride, amazing human ingenuity, and people watching. I am looking forward to being back in Nashville soon. Fall is approaching, but I am down here stuck in the golden days of summer :) Things could be worse, but I do love fall!

- Hans