Small Town America

A week ago, I had an opportunity to experience yet another dose of Small Town America. This time, it was in the wilds of North Carolina and North East Kentucky. I was out with a stage show, and the local color that I witnessed with them in just a few days was amazing! Tiny hotels, beautiful old theaters, and audiences that love a good show!

The most memorable town that I encountered on this journey was Ashland, KY. Here is an excerpt from their Wiki page about the theater that we performed at there. It was a gorgeous venue, very well kept, and still a vibrant and active location in their downtown district.

The Paramount Arts Center

The Paramount Arts Center, an Art Deco converted movie theater built in 1930, is located on Winchester Avenue. The theater serves as an important venue for the arts in eastern Kentucky and the surrounding states of Ohio and West Virginia. It is well noted for its Festival of Trees event during the winter season. The Paramount is also devoted to teaching children the importance of the arts. Summer classes are offered for school-age children. This building is one of two Paramount Theaters because once upon a time Ashland was filled with people famous and tourists every where. The other building is in Hollywood California.

Ashland is a steel town that is perched right on the banks of the Ohio River. One of many smaller towns that have played a large part in America's manufacturing and steel industry for decades. Even though there was a University of Kentucky men's basketball game that night, the Paramount Theater was still packed with a crowd eager for some live theater! The show went well and showed us that there is still a love for the arts, even in the most unlikely places. 

Thank you for being such a welcoming and colorful addition to my travels.