Yet again, I've picked up another hobby. One thing I have always wanted to try, until now, was longboarding. The grace with which these boards operate is much different than their shorter trick-centric cousins. Greater length, larger wheels, and more stability make them a coasting and carving machine! So, when I was in Miami last summer, I found a skate shop and got one. What did I have to lose? Nothing, but a shorter commute to the rehearsal space. You only live once, after all.

I remembered skating a little bit when I was growing up, but my balance was not was it used to be :) But, with some consistent work, jump roping, leg workouts, and one or two shameless fails, I finally had me feet under me. Then came winter, the rain and cold weather sort of put a damper on gliding around the pavement on a board, so things were on hold until this past week.

My board is a 34.5"  bamboo deck, with a mustache on the bottom, made in the USA by Madrid. It seemed a classy board, especially since my other choices were either neon or had dragons and ninjas on the bottom. Recently, I found a store here in Myrtle Beach called Longboard Skater. They have a great web store, and have recently established a physical shop here in Myrtle. They were able to hook me up with some tools for the board, so I could finally nerd out and learn all about how longboards work. 

I've decided that my longboard will be going on lots of travel dates with me this year. It's cheaper than a rental car, smaller than a bike, and you can carry it on an airplane. So, the Mustache Ride recently made the trip to Myrtle Beach with me. Over the past week, I've been skating a mile or two a day. I don't have to worry about cars while skating nearly as much as pine cones and the other denizens of the sidewalk. Hopefully by the time the weather warms up, I'll be safely gliding about all over the place!  Now, if only the cold weather and chilly rain outside would go away ....